Creating tangible quality

Flagships of the
Kliniken Essen-Mitte

In our eyes quality is not just a word, but the sum of all tangible contact points a clinic has to offer. Patients quality assessments are based on their individual experience. This is why we put quality before quantity. Kiniken Essen-Mitte stands for specialization and concentration and we proudly look back on our achievements as a clinic. These achievements assure our patients wellbeing and are an example for our claim to provide quality not only theoretically but also practically.

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Hotel standards at the KEM

Sleeping well
is halfway to recovery

Hotelstandards an den KEM

Folkwang, Aalto, Grillo, Ruhrtal: Patients that stay on our private wards feel like they are staying in a modern hotel – and yet they are in a hospital. Our hospital is situated in the midst of the generous park grounds of the Evang. Huyssens Stiftung. Modern and light architecture, spacious baths and service of the highest quality, accompany our patients on their road to recovery. The fact that we were able to increase our rate of private patients by 35 percent shortly after opening, demonstrates the increasing demand for comfort and services in a hospital and confirms that with our modern service range we are paving the way for more luxury during in-patient admissions.

Michelin-level catering

Fresh cuisine
from the region

Verpflegung auf Sterne-Niveau

The fresh preparation of over 700 meals poses an enormous challenge to many a gastronomy business. At the Kliniken Essen-Mitte this endeavour is successfully accomplished on a daily basis: A well-established team in the kitchen makes every effort to ensure that our patients receive selected and tasty meals every day. Sourcing fresh ingredients and foods of a regional origin for meals is particularly important to us.

Quality in nursing care

Healing and helping
hand in hand


It is the duty of all of our employees to take the patient seriously as a human being with all of their worries, hopes and questions. These interpersonal tasks are experienced particularly intensively in nursing care: Quality in this regard applies at a comprehensive level. Giving the patient personal attention, applying the necessary sensitivity and maintaining the patient’s dignity and personal privacy, are the core challenges, which our team undertakes with the greatest enthusiasm. The excellent nursing training at the KEM is also paying off, which is demonstrated by one of our trainees coming in third place in a national competition. This is a special award for the entire team and not least the reason that our recommendation rate is at 90 percent (patient survey from DRV Knappschaft-Bahnsee).

Latest technology at the KEM

Medicine of tomorrow
for patients of today

Neueste Technologien an den KEM

The core of our medical performance ability lies in the treatment according to standards that are considered modern throughout the world and which our top medical professionals implement on site during day-to-day practice. Modern technology synergistically enhances personal specialist knowledge to increase the positive effect on the treatment success. Our philosophy of a constant investment in worldwide innovations in the field of medical technology, enables us to offer our patients gentle and individual treatment options.

Innovation and humanity, hand in hand

for health

Innovation und Menschlichkeit Hand in Hand

As an academic teaching hospital, we are committed to research and teaching to promote the development of modern medical treatment and to contribute to the development of effective diagnostic and treatment standards. Christian values and the responsibility as a health care provider in the region, create an alliance in pursuit of innovation and state-of-the-art medical treatment – the human being is the common element, who is the focus of our activity.

Focus Ranking / Best list

state-of-the-art medicine

Focus-Ranking / Bestenliste

The regular assessment of our medical performance heightens our sense of quality demands. One must follow the national and international top-level standards in order to be able to identify potentials to continuously improve the treatment of our patients. The fact that our medical practitioners regularly feature in the top spots of the “best list” of the renowned magazine ”Focus” is confirmation and simultaneously a commitment for us to continue to develop our high quality standards. We regularly belong to the ten best clinics in the most competitive clinical market in North Rhine-Westphalia, which offers our patients a valuable guide during their selection of a suitable clinic.

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Global know-how
for our


The international progress in the field of medicine is a measuring unit, which we use as a guide and which we actively promote. Internationally renowned studies and standards originate from our hospitals and we also apply global know-how and techniques from faraway countries for the local treatment of our patients on site. The professional exchange with international specialists and the cooperation with established institutions on the entire globe ensures the future of our treatment and creates additional options for the treatment of our patients.

Academic teaching and training responsibility

Transfer knowledge,
Secure the future

Lehre und Ausbildungsverantwortung

As an academic teaching hospital at the University Duisburg-Essen, we are committed to transferring knowledge and competencies to following generations. We have established a responsible relationship with junior medical staff and take our teaching instruction seriously to secure the quality of the medical care for the future and to encourage young people to enter the medical profession. Our commitment in the promotion of junior staff does not end with the academic training at university but already starts with the training of our nursing and administrative staff.

Research and science

Creating progress
with clinical research

Forschung und Wissenschaft

The regular publication of the results of research and studies form the basis for evidence-based medicine at the Kliniken Essen-Mitte. The consistent research and development, which our medical practitioners have committed themselves to, forms the basis for a continuous increase in the quality of the treatment. To set new trends, to leave beaten tracks and therefore to contribute to the further develop of medicine, can only be achieved with passion and commitment in order to permanently improve the life of the patients.

Specialist centres at the KEM

Focussing as the
key to quality

Spezialisierte Zentren an den KEM

In the course of increasing competition amongst clinics and health care facilities, innovative and specialist concepts are required to be able to raise one’s profile from the inside to the outside. Our demand for quality is based on a highly specialised range of services, which have been able to attain a trans-regional status over time. In our opinion the filling of relevant niche segments and the associated high degree of specialisation, represent a recipe for success for the future.

Integrated oncology

Two worlds, One mission:
Jointly fighting cancer

Integrative Onkologie

The best of both worlds: Our range of competences in oncology is based on a future-oriented strategy in the fight against cancer. In the process, allopathic treatment forms are supplemented by concomitant therapies with natural medicines. A study commissioned by the Robert-Bosch Foundation established that there are only two facilities in the field of integrated oncology that operate at eye in the world – next to to the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in the US, this is the Kliniken Essen-Mitte.

Natural medicine

New paths with
old traditions


Naturopathic procedures on a scientific basis: The aim of the Centre of Natural Medicine and Integrated Medicine is to combine best possible treatment approaches from conventional medicine with scientifically evaluated natural medicine. From the start, the Director of this department has been Professor Dr med Gustav J Dobos (MD), who also holds the chair of the foundation for natural medicine of the Alfred Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation at the University Duisburg-Essen. According to the current result of a survey of policy holders of the AOK, BARMER GEK and Weisse Liste, 91 percent of those surveyed confirm that the overall treatment of the patients at the Centre of Natural Medicine at the Kliniken Essen-Mitte was very positive.